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Quest for Original
New Testament Spirituality

The AHAV Bible Project teams consists of Baruch Ben Daniel and his wife Adele, along with a diverse team of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Bible students and scholars.

Our team has collectively invested many lifetimes of study and research of ancient manuscripts, literature, inscriptions, fragments, throughout Israel and the Middle East in pursuit of the emunah (faith) of Yeshua  (Jesus). 

Baruch Ben Daniel

Baruch’s patriarchal line hails from the Jewish-Ukrainian Gorovenko (Horodenka) family.  In 1893, his great-grandfather Mikhael joined the Christian faith; he was buried in a Jewish cemetery in Ukraine.  In 1946, Baruch’s  grandfather Lazarus developed an interest in Yeshua and began studying the Hebrew origins of Christianity, in 1962 he moved to Israel.  On Baruch’s maternal side, his grandmother Zelma Zimmerman was a German Jewish immigrant from Austria; she married into the flamboyant Christian clan of missionary Ezra Meeker, a pioneer of the Oregon Trail.

From his early teen years, Baruch was influenced by his grandfather Lazarus and others, to study, learn, and teach the Hebraic spirituality of Yeshua (Jesus) which undergirds the Greek New Testament.  Since the mid 90’s Baruch published hundreds of online articles about the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Baruch believes it is impossible to understand the emunah (faith) of Yeshua unless New Testament readers access and compare structures of Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin culture and language.


Adele Gorovenko

 Adele hails from English and German-Jewish ancestry.  At the age of eleven her family attended a Messianic Jewish community in Richmond, Virginia.  Adele has been a student of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic since childhood.  She  committed the entire New Testament and portions of the Old Testament to memory. 

Adele produced a publication entitled “Architecture of Biblical Hebrew” to facilitate study of Scripture from Ancient Hebrew perspectives.  Adele created an extensive glossary of Hebrew and Aramaic terms and definitions for the AHAV Bible based on Hebrew and Aramaic spoken by Yeshua (Jesus) and the Apostles.