I Yahweh
search the heart

We value your relationship with God and His Word, and welcome your contributions to the AHAV Bible Project.

Whether a full time university professor, rabbi, pastor, businessman, or Bible-based, home educating family, you are also welcome to contribute helpful criticism, questions, ideas, or suggest content to the AHAV Bible Project.  

We value and respect your God-given insights and questions.  When God puts questions in our minds, He’ll often lead us to resources and people to confirm His Word.  Yeshua (Jesus) taught, I say Amen (truly) to you, unless you return (change) and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Many “preachers” teach that these childlike attributes refer to not asking questions, never doubting or asking for explanations, just having faith and believing.  No, the exact opposite is true. 

Those who ask questions are of a far greater and more beautiful faith, than by living under “blind religious faith.”  The obvious proof is evident within the religious polarization of Christian denominations (38,000+), who are religious identity-driven moreso than Kingdom of Heaven-centered.  Blind religious “faith” is clearly not Kingdom of Heaven Faith, and not of “the Faith that was once delivered (Jude 1:3).

“Let the children come to me, don’t hinder them.  For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to souls like these children” (Matthew 19:14).  Children ask a lot of questions.  Children’s hearts are open to learn and understand.  When children are encouraged to hear from God, they learn to hear His Voice and see life through His eyes.  What a joy to seek and learn as children before Abba Father.