“they were one heart and soul” Acts 4:32. 

The AHAV Bible is all about people and ha-Derekh (the Way) of shalom (peace-wholesomeness).  The hopes and prayers of the Hebrew prophets is that Jerusalem would become the birthplace of world peace.  Jerusalem was called the City of Shalom nearly 2,000 years before the Greek New Testament was written. 

In 2024 Jerusalem will exceed a million people while retaining thousands of unique religious identities.  For some Jerusalem is about religion and religious identity, for others Jerusalem is about people and relationship with God and each other.  Jerusalem was first where “they were one heart and soul” Acts 4:32.  

The New Testament provides 140 references to Jerusalem, revealing Jerusalem’s central role in prophecy… the city of collaboration.

We welcome all opportunities to work together, questions, insights, contributions  and look forward to collaborating with you to help unify humanity in Ahav Echad (One Love).