Holy Spirit & Scripture

1. Does the Ruach Ha-Qodesh (Holy Spirit) ever misquote-misapply-misuse-mistranslate Scripture?
2. Does the Ruach Ha-Qodesh (Holy Spirit) ever build a doctrinal thesis on an imprecise translation of Scripture?
3. Is the Davar (Word) of YHWH Eternally Qadosh (Holy), or subject to change?
4. Does the mishchah (anointing) of Ruach Ha-Qodesh (Holy Spirit) ever elevate a state of mind over a state of being?
5. Does the weight and application of the Davar (Word) in the Old Testament ever become greater or lesser than the Davar (Word) in the New Testament?
6. Should the meaning and context of each thought, theology, word–established, attested, and recorded prior to the New Testament carry its original value into the New Testament–unless otherwise specified and defined by the NT author?
7. If a translation, author, transcriber, redactor, or editor, breaks some or all of these rules, should it be considered as human error or as a new inspiration?