When shall it come to pass? 


We’re aiming to publish on or before December 2020.  As of our website launch (September 27, 2019) a healthy portion of the work has been completed.  The next milestones are refining elements of the translation, footnotes, appendices, editing, proofing and prepress. 

We’re compelled to produce an offering of excellence and beauty which demands extensive cross-checking and refinement by multiple contributors.

Some workflow challenges can be likened to the “accordion effect” in rush hour traffic.  On a narrow road (smaller team) even small fluctuations in production can be amplified down the line.  For some of the more challenging situations we’ve opted to footnote complexities and show how various translations render difficult verses, providing deeper insights for the reader.

Our timeline is aggressive but not at the expense of excellence.  We will be keeping our newsletter subscribers apprised of milestones.

Todah Rabbah and Thank you for all your support.