When shall it come to pass? 


In September 2019 we posted a tentative publishing date before 2021.  Then “things” came along in 2020 that put a bit of dent in our workflow.  

Having set a tentative publishing date we felt an urgency to make it happen.  When we saw that we wouldn’t make the December 2020 publishing date we set another final approach target, but this also gave a bit more time to include content that we didn’t want to leave out, but were running out of time to complete.  If you’ve been receiving our newsletters you have much more info about this. 

Our timeline is aggressive but not at the expense of excellence.  We’ll be keeping our newsletter subscribers informed of progress, but we’re not setting another date until we restructure a few elements.  We built a good sized glossary that we expected would go into the final publication but it became far too massive.  We’ll provide the Glossary as a free PDF for those who purchase the AHAV, but in the meantime we’re putting keywords into footnotes and appendices for readers to easily track definitions and context between Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin.

We’re now entering the eighth year since we began working towards publishing the AHAV Bible, it’s a long story and we’ll probably write a book about that after the AHAV is published.

The AHAV is revolutionary, without spilling the beans, there is nothing we know of that will bring English readers as close to the heart of original First Century New Testament writ than the AHAV Bible.  That’s what we believe, and we can’t wait to hear what the Faithful will say when they see it for themselves.

Thank you kindly for all your prayers and financial support!  This means more to us than we can put in words. Todah Rabbah!  Thank you.  Our prayers are with you for wisdom, understanding, and great discernment for such a time as this.