When shall it come to pass? 


The AHAV Bible Project will be 10 years in the making as of the fall of 2022.  As we entered 2022, very important archaeological discoveries were announced that strengthen the importance of the AHAV Bible Project. 

We made our first public announcements of the AHAV Bible Project back in March 2019.  We thought we had the structure and much of the work completed in 2020, it’s a long complicated story and we’ll share that after the AHAV Bible is published.  However, during proofing and editing in 2020 we were led to see that something was missing. 

New Testament scholars traditionally believe that the New Testament was written in Greek, a small minority believe Aramaic, and even smaller minority believe it was Hebrew.  What was missing in the AHAV Bible were comparative linguistic and cultural mindsets between Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin languages.  The AHAV Bible now has far more transliterated words and comparisons to better reveal content underneath the English text.

The AHAV Bible is revolutionary, no other New Testament publication, that we know of, carries such potential to bring English readers into the heart of the New Testament.  We’re excited to see how the AHAV Bible will activate the Faith of Yeshua (Jesus).

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Thank you kindly for all your prayers and financial support!  This means more to us than we can put in words. Todah Rabbah!  Thank you.  Our prayers are also with you for wisdom, understanding, and discernment for such a time as this.