Reasons to Contribute

There are very good reasons to contribute to the AHAV Bible.  The foremost reason is that it has the power to unify humanity like no other publication. The AHAV Bible is not based on theological opinion, but on the underlying principles of universal human spirituality which qualified Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah.  Yeshua’s ministry was based 100% on promises of YHWH (the LORD).  The Hebrew prophets foretold of a messianic king, Sar Shalom (the Prince of Peace) who would reconcile and unite all people.  Unifying humanity is possible,   “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God”, Luke 18:27. 

The AHAV Bible retains universal inclusivistic principles of Ahav Echad (One Love) which is a Culture moreso than a religion.  Hebraic contextuality and nuances of Aidenic Culture, conscience, faith, family, belief, spirituality, prayer, relationship, sexuality, wealth, wisdom, virtue, etc., that are simply unavailable in all other Bible versions.

Universal inclusivistic principles of Ahav Echad (One Love) which are impossible to reconcile within binary theology is possible within Yeshua’s Hebraic Aidenic Culture.  We are very grateful for your contributions which will ultimately help educate and empower unity within our human family.  We are very confident that our work is helping to inspire our human family to pursue the beauty of Ahav Echad (One Love) that unifies humanity.

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Todah Rabbah! 

Thank you for caring for our human family!