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Discern and Understand the Books

The AHAV New Testament Bible Project does not alter Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek texts, but rather amplifies substratum relationships and definitions within primary language.  For example, “righteous” is derived from the Hebrew “tsadiq” (tsadi dalet yud qof), making the beautiful Ancient Hebrew word picture:

Journey to the Door of Eternity

“Righteousness” is an attribute and key identifier of the prophetic work of Mashiyach (Messiah) and followers.  It would be absurd to say Yeshua (Jesus) was “cleared,” or “justified” while also being “sinless”.  In reality, the work of Messiah  is “the journey” to the door of eternity.

Context and definition are everything when it comes to communication and understanding.  How do we define “love” to a child?  It’s impossible to define “love” in one word; so, we instinctively “amplify” a definition with words and actions to draw out the meaning.  Scripture provides much greater tools.

For example, “Shimon bar Yonah” was given the Aramaic name “Keefa,” which was transliterated to “Cephas,” then translated to “Petros,”and then “Peter.”  Matthew 16:18 reads, “…you are Keefa, and on this keefa (rock) I will build My assembly.”  Mark 12:10 reads, “…The keefa (rock) the builders rejected has become the head cornerstone,” quoted from Psalm 118:22.  This makes a prophetic connection to Genesis 49:24, “the Shepherd, the Stone (Eben) of Israel.  In reality “Peter” is the first person of record to identify Yeshua (Jesus) as Mashiyach (Messiah), to fulfill prophetic “rock” keefa or “stone” eben connections within Scripture. 

The mind of Mashiyach (Messiah) that gave Shimon the name Keefa helps illustrate connections within the New Testament, sealing authenticity of the original NT message.  The original authors of the New Testament bridged a prophetic continuum ultimately derived from Hebrew Scripture.  The Spiritual unity within Hebrew Scripture exposes religious ideologies, philosophies, and theological traditions that fails to connect many awesome prophetic patterns within Scripture (the text).